I get asked quite often if I can repair someone’s valued glass item… and unfortunately, I can not. And I do not know of anyone who can do your repair. Repairs are quite tricky in glass. There are many glass art forms and someone who works in one area would not know how to repair another’s work. Stained glass is an exception… if you have a stained glass item, contact your local stained glass shop. They may be able to help you.

I would suspect that anyone willing to do a repair would have to say that there is a chance the item would be damaged beyond repair in the attempt. It would most likely be a costly endeavor. Where ever possible, I recommend returning to the artist that made the piece to see if they can help you.

That said… there are many transparent/clear glues on the market that can bond clean cuts in glass items. Just read the label, make sure it is clear and bonds glass.

Sorry I couldn’t help…



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